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Long lasting, hardwearing and good-looking Roller Doors & Vertical Doors.
For many homes a garage door provides an integral part of its street-facing appearance. That’s why B&D not only manufactures doors that meet the toughest tests for performance, long life and durability, but also ones that provide the highest levels of aesthetic appeal.

Custom made and fitted to the exact requirements of each opening, B&D doors are available in the elegance of moulded steel and aluminium, the warmth of timber or the practicality of fibreglass.

State-of-the-art fail-proof opening technologies 
In addition to manufacturing excellence, B&D has continued to harness the power of cutting edge technologies to deliver greater convenience for end users. An example of this is the incorporation of Tri-Tran Multi Frequency technology into the Contoll-A-Door range of openers, which eliminates the interference issues that increasingly affect openers using 433Mhz frequency operating systems.

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